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AI Integration - Collection Design Challenge

Assignment presented with developing my skillset to integrate Generative AI usage into Apparel Design. With AI quickly gaining prominence, in this assignment, in the Spring of 2024, I was tasked with utilizing Adobe Firefly (Generative AI) to develop an apparel collection; cover page, logo design, mood board, color palette and fashion illustration. This project has enhanced my knowledge surrounding generative AI, importance of adapting my written communication to achieve wanted outcomes and the importance of appropriately utilizing AI application to my chosen field while maintaining an original and innovative design view.

Figure 0.1 Cover Page

This page presents the overall theme of the project and collection development. Featuring an AI generated logo and detailed text, this page sets the general tone of the assignment. (Created using Adobe Firefly)

(Tap image to enlarge)


Figure 0.2 AI Generated Mood Board

Leveraging generative AI, Impute various prompts to achieve a moldboard fit for the collection I was intending to develop for this project entitled Cowgirl Coquette. A mood board which features prominent western elements and feminine textures and prints.

The mood board along with text was generated using Adobe Firefly.

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Figure 0.3​ Color Story

Blending the AI generated content, I then utilized Adobe Photoshop to determine a set color story for this apparel line.

(Tap image to enlarge)

Figure 0.4

Compiling this theme development, I then moved to leverage Generative AI to create 8 fashion illustrations, incorporating my color palette, and desired shapes and textures. Important motifs within the line include; lace appliqués, denim usage, bow of varying volumes, western prints and colorful pops. 

(Tap image to enlarge)


Figure 0.1

Generative AI Fig 1

Figure 0.2

Generative AI Figure 2

Figure 0.3

Generative AI Fig 3

Figure 0.4

Generative AI Fig 4
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