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Apparel Product Development Final | "Helian-iola-tha"

This garment is an avant-garde homage to the Ukrainian people, their roots, loyalty to each other and their homeland. Apparel Product Development project, addressing a global issue "War In Ukraine."  Garment was created for consideration to ITAA Conference 2023.

"Humanity, our core commonality, regardless of race, gender, and nationality is a thread tying every human being to each other. In our humanity we find hope, perseverance, mercy and the ever-prevalent desire to succeed and survive. Upon Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, globally, numerous communities have chosen to stand in solidarity, supporting the independence of Ukraine and amplifying the voices and never-wavering determination of the Ukrainian people." - excerpt from accompanying essay

The gallery below features images of  the final garment self photographed in a local studio space.

Model: Abigail Ulum

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