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Senior Portfolio Development | Collection 01

Apparel design portfolio, featuring developmental work towards my senior thesis collection. Project portfolio features examples of; trend analysis, mood board, original print design, textile selection, color story, rendered illustrations, technical flats and coordinating line sheets. 

The design process for this portfolio began with a customer centric perspective focusing on applicable and innovative trend analysis and concept development. For this portfolio, I was tasked with creating a customer profile, identifying emerging trends to then develop this line entitled "Impression", largely inspired by the acclaimed artist Claude Monet. Following this concept development, I developed 3 different kaleidoscopic prints utilizing adobe illustrator and photoshop, and selected ideal textiles for the line. I was then tasked with creating 20+ illustrations to present to my professor for critique. Working collaboratively alongside my professor we determined which 10 proposed designs would allow this collection to be as successful as possible. Continuing in the process, I completed finalized fashion illustrations and rendered technical flats. This portfolio also includes individual look sheets and completed line sheets.

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