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Collection 1202 | Austin Fashion Week 2023

Bridal x Streetwear inspired collection created independently from coursework, to be presented at Austin Fashion Week in November of 2023. More information on Collection 1202 is available at

The 1202 Collection is best described as the perfect opportunity to mix and match while maintaining a classic and elegant persona. Serving as perfect pieces for brunch dates, a bachelorette trip, and anything in between. 1202 features wearable statement pieces and timeless classics. The 1202 collection is affectionately named after the hotel room number from my trip to NYFW in 2022. This collection features 7 different looks focusing on a hint of bridal tied into streetwear. I hope to emphasize versatility in this collection through the interchangeable and seemingly endless styling opportunities that each garment represents, either mixing and matching styles within the collection or with other wardrobe items. This collection features our identifiable usage of beading, bows and buttons creating an effortless signature across each design. The 1202 Collection reflects my abilities in trend analysis, creative direction, draping, flat pattern making, photography as well as garment construction to create a cohesive clothing line. 

The gallery below features images of select collection pieces captured by myself in a local studio space.

Model: Abigail Ulum

Additional photos were provided by the on site photography team at Austin Fashion week.

Runway Models

Keira Gunn

Michaela Hartnett

Isabelle Betchol

Gandenae Larson

Alyssa De Luna

Kailyn Hartley

Abigail Ulum

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